Queensland State Schools Triathlon & Aquathalon Championships 2017

This year we had 10 qualifiers for State Schools Championships and two who were selected, but unfortunately through an illness and an injury were unable to compete. That number (12) was double the number that we had in 2016.
This year we had 7 first timers!

Results are available on the Queensland Schools Sport:- https://queenslandschoolsport.eq.edu.au/Sportsinformation/Sportstz/Pages/Triathlon-10-19-years.aspx

Some observations/comments from coaches were as follows.

Grace Otto is one to watch in the future, a great swimmer and natural runner who is also showing rapid improvement on the bike. This was only her second ever Triathlon, she did really well.

Hayden Small is a very good all rounder who will appreciate the longer races next year. Watch out for him in running events as well.

Just like Hayden, Josh Nixon is a fierce competitor and will benefit hugely from this years experience. This year he gave away age, size and experience. He is a very conscientious trainer.

Alex Lucht has his strength in running and after an issue in the individual race put in a great run in the relay. Brother Damon Lucht is young and will improve with training.

Matty Nixon was our youngest competitor and always has a red hot go, he has time on his side.

Alyssa Rose continues to improve rapidly and really impressed on the run leg of both races, as well as on the bike, also one of the happiest, smiliest competitors.

Jess Huxley continues to improve and moved up into the top 3rd of age group this year. Her cornering and turning on a bike is the smoothest you will see and she is starting to ride fast as well.

Harry Ladd gave away a year to most in his age group and had two excellent races.He started to move right through the field in the individual event and will be even better suited to longer distances.

Elliot Gray is a passionate racer who always gives his best. His swimming has improved and he is a weapon on the bike.Elliot is a reserve for the State Team.

The pre-race brief for these athletes was simply to "do your best". That,they all accomplished! 
The camaraderie and support they show for each other is terrific to watch.We look forward to watching them go from strength to strength and seeing what they can do in a years time. They are great ambassadors for their schools and a credit to their families. Congratulations and well done!